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Battle of Stamford Bridge Society

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......ask most people about 1066 and they will say Hastings.
......ask most people about Stamford Bridge and they will say Chelsea.

The Battle of Stamford Bridge Society wants to change that attitude.
Monday, 25th September 1066 - destined to be a momentous day in English History. It's one of the 'forgotten' battles of 1066 along with the even less remembered 'Battle of Gate Fulford' which took place on September 20th 1066, just outside of York.

The aim of the Society is to Commemorate, Celebrate and Promote and Educate about the Battle of Stamford Bridge and to examine the history, archaeology, significance and social events of the period.

Our home webpage can be visited at the following link:

We also have a video Promo on YouTube, click on the following link to view:

We meet once a month in Stamford Bridge and welcome new members. We often have guest speakers who cover varied and interesting topic of local and national heritage.

Our ultimate aim is to have a visitor centre and museum in the village that will allow us to further promote and inform people about the events on that day - a day which had profound effects upon the outcome at Hastings only 2 weeks later.


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