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Awards for the Presentation of Heritage Research

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Awards for the Presentation of Heritage Research


Sponsored by the Royal Archaeological Institute, English Heritage, Cadw and Historic Scotland


This award has run since 2001 and runs again in 2007. You can see more about the award on the English Heritage web site.


The Awards for the Presentation of Heritage Research will take place this year at the British Association’s Festival of Science in York from 10-14 September 2007.  Three awards will be offered: a first prize of £1500, a second prize of £500 and an under-30 prize of £500.


The purpose of this award is to encourage presentation of recent British and Irish archaeological, historic buildings and heritage conservation research to a wider audience.  It is vital for the future of the historic environment that we do more to present and explain our work to the wider public, to increase their understanding and enjoyment and the value they place on our heritage.


Entrants are asked to submit a written summary of their presentation by 4 May 2007. Shortlisted finalists will be invited to speak at the awards session at the Festival of Science on Thursday 13 September 2007. The judges will place particular weight on the clarity of presentation to an informed but non-specialist audience, and on the interest and quality of the underlying research.


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