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Friends of Hagg Wood

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Friends of Hagg Wood


The Friends are undertaking a landscape survey of Hagg Wood in the context of the medieval township of Scoreby and then are carrying out conservation work within the wood to preserve and enhance the historical features (ancient ditches and boundaries).


The group will work with a landscape historian to research existing documentary evidence and group members will learn archive and surveying/measuring techniques. Young members of the group will be taught map-reading and compass skills. The results of the research will be used to update the group's existing booklet and a map of the wood's historical features will be produced.


The group holds monthly conservation working parties in the woodand other enjoyable activities such as illustrated talks, social events and visits to places of conservation interest. The Friends main objective is to restore the wood to it's semi-natural state.


The Friends have a web site at The Friends of Hagg Wood



                       Working Group with York Unversity Conservation Volunteers - January 2010



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