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The Timeline York Plus WIKI




The Timeline York Plus WIKI is a place where members of the York Local History and Archaeology community can tell each other about what they are doing and where they can post notices. The WIKI is currently administered by Jon Kenny an Independent Community Archaeologist seeking to support people and groups in researching their historic landscapes. It is continually being worked on and expanded on by Jon and members of the Greater York Local History and Archaeology community. This wiki was created in 2006! If anything is out of date contact Jon and he will put it right, or give you access to do it yourself. That's the idea of a wiki.

Subscribe to the Timeline York Plus (TYP) Blog for all the latest news about whats on! http://typyork.wordpress.com/



The next meeting is Autumn 2015 

The PhD Students from University of York, Archaeology Dept have kindly offered to be hosts again.

They run the "Within the Walls" Gateway to History Project

Sat 19th September 2015

2:00 pm at The King's Manor, York


Find out what is going on at local history and archaeology groups in and around York.


Timeline York Plus is an informal association of historical and archaeological societies in the area of greater York, providing a forum for the exchange of news and views. Groups are generally in the York area but extend as far as Boston Spa to the west, Strensall to the north, Bishop Wilton and Pocklington to the east and Cawood to the south.



There are currently more than 30 groups listed on the bar to the right, but more may join at any time. If your society or group is missing let us know and we will add you to the list. You may also want to amend or add to the pages for your society just contact Jon Kenny and he will send you the log on password so that you can add your details. You will also be able to add comments to other pages where appropriate.



The WIKI has been created as a noticeboard for Timeline York Plus, please contact Jon Kenny direct if there is an editorial issue that needs sorting out



Volunteer Team working on the Fulford Germany Beck site. (July 2015)

Researching the battle landscape.


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