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Poppleton Parishes Archaeology Project

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Poppleton Archaeology Group


The Archaeology Group runs under the auspices of the Poppleton Historical Society. With such a wide variety of archaeological remains in the two villages, there is no lack of activities for Group members. Field walking and finds sorting have been carried out over several years and are still ongoing. One highlight for the Group was the Channel 4 Time Team pro gramme produced in Poppleton in June 2004. The report on this programme is the springboard for further research into the origins of the villages that have been proven to be in Anglo-Saxon times with the centre of activities being around the monastic church of St Everilda. Geophysical survey of the Ancient Monument site near the Church is ongoing.


The Archaeological Group has no regular meeting schedule but the Secretary is Ted Kendall. His e-mail address is gandt.kendall@ntlworld.com. Please contact him for more information.


The Poppleton Archaeology Group has its own web page.



                        A Family Digging Up Their Front Garden in the Name of Time Team - 2004


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